Father Bob's Trip Around the World January 2017

Father Bob traveled to the Philippines, Myanmar (Burma), and India in January of 2017. The following are short descriptions of each leg of his trip with pictures.


Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar---the gilded Sule stupa  near my hotel, a huge reclining Buddha in another hall, the gold covered Shwedagon Pagoda, and the next day a trip into the countryside.

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The first day was a Hindu temple and then ancient bronzes in the government museum. The second day was Luz church built in 1516 by Franciscans from Portugal, the Tomb of St. Thomas, Mount St Thomas where he prayed and according to local tradition carved a cross in the stone, and the cave where he hid after being wounded and before martyrdom.

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The third day was Mamallapuram 6th and 7th century temples and reliefs carved from the stone plus the sea side temple built of sandstone.

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