Father Bob's Trip to Europe June 2015


Trip to Europe June 2016

Father Bob traveled to Europe in June 2015 and visited via train the following cities seeing the sites and museums: Berlin, Prague---Czech Republic, Cologne, Ghent---Belgium,  and came home via Amsterdam---the Netherlands. Below are pictures from each of the areas:

Berlin: Father Bob took pictures of the various neighborhoods, streets, and sites including the Lutheran Cathedral, Pergamon Museum (contained Babylonian and near East exhibits; Code of Hammarabi, etc.), Checkpoint Charlie, Memorial to Jewish Holocaust Victims, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Tiergarten Park.

Prague---Czech Republic: many beautiful buildings and churches, medieval astrological clock, Marian Shrine, and a local restaurant.

Cologne, Germany: the Cologne Cathedral which was begun in 1248 and completed in 1880 has many great works of art and stained glass windows. The pictures also include open areas around where lunch is available, city hall, etc.

Ghent---Belgium; pictures of a performing arts center, Guild Hall, churches (St. Baaf, St. Nicholas, St. Michael), various types of architecture, a castle, city hall,  etc.


Amsterdam: Father Bob took pictures of the various neighborhoods, streets, and waterways including the Rijks Museum, Anne Franks House, Church in the Attic (at one time the Catholic Faith was illegal but allowed at a hidden church in the attic of 3 houses with entrances from a dark alley; city leaders valued trade with merchants from catholic areas); the last picture is taken of the railroad station.