2016 Christmas Collection for Ardmore

Below are pictures from this year's collection for Ardmore in Summit County. Thanks go to Prince of Peace parishioners for donating the items and to the Prince of Peace Youth Group for wrapping, packing, and delivering holiday gifts for all 170 clients at Ardmore.  

Previous Years



2015 Collection: Again this year the HIgh School Youth Group collected gifts for residents of Ardmore in Summit County. The adults have autism and developmental disabilities. For 95% of these individuals, the gift bag they receive from Prince of Peace will be their only gift for Christmas. There are about 147 individuals in need from 18-70; there are more males than female. Parishioners can donate any of the following items from November 29 through December 13.

Hats, gloves/mittens, ear muffs, slipper socks, craft items, mugs, air fresheners, men's cologne, sugar free candy, snacks/goodies, picture frames, individual packages of toothpaste and toothbrushes, lotion,  mirrors, brushes, combs, 100-200 piece puzzles,small notepads, individual packages of crackers, fuzzy socks, squish (stress) balls, kitchen towel sets. The Ardmore4High School Youth Group will be making the gift bags on December 13 after 10:30 Mass; Pizza and other refreshments will be served.


2014 Christmas Collection for Ardmore

Below are pictures from the Prince of Peace Ardmore collection.The High School Youth Group sorted the items collected at Church at Mike Noe's house on Sunday, December 14:

Below are more pictures from previous years: